If you are suffering with tonsil stones, then we have some methods to help you get rid of them quickly. These methods will definitely help you deal with this problem know as tonsilloliths which is real problem to get rid of, if you don't now how to.

We are going to help you understand what they are and how to remove them yourself. They can make peoples lives a misery. But we have some 100% effective ways to get rid.

  What are they?


So lets first explain just what causes them. They are basically small masses of accumulated bits and

pieces that form inside your tonsil crypts. The crypts are made up of folds and crevices that form

naturally inside each tonsil.


Tonsils are designed to protect us from bacteria and viruses. The crypts tend to capture bits of food

and debris as you swallow and breath. As they don't get much in the way of oxygen, they tend to

be easy victims of bacteria that like to grow and then cause infection.


This is why the tonsil stones develop from mucus, dead cells, food particles and bacteria when they

start calcifying. That is why these little small yellow stones start to develop.

What are the symptoms?


Most people feel like they have a sore throat or restricted swallow when eating or drinking. If you look in the mirror with your mouth open, you will see the tonsils on both sides of the back of your mouth. If you have tonsilloliths you will see little white objects that appear to be attached to the tonsil/s. In some people, the white areas can look well developed and make the back of the throat look swollen with creamy coloured areas on both sides. The throat will also look a brighter red in colour often associated with a sore throat.

Are they contagious?


Tonsilloliths in themselves are not contagious.  But there are certain bacteria known to cause

them and if you transmit the bacteria to someone else, they too could then develop stones too.

Having said that, adults are more likely to develop them than kids are. General oral hygiene

will help you stop developing them and its important to brush your teeth regularly and

also clean your tongue too. This helps keep down the bacteria numbers in your mouth

which is warm and moist and the perfect environment for germs to multiply.

How do you avoid getting them?


Here are some simple tips to help you not get them or stop them returning when you have got rid:


  • Brush your teeth as often (up to 3 times a day if possible) so your mouth is clean so the little stones don’t have what they need to grow. 

  • Drink as much water as you can during the day to keep the tonsil stones away. The more you drink, the more the water flushes away the debris and mucus build up.

  • Try not to drink coffee and sodas.

  • Don't let your mouth get dry.

  • Smoking and alcohol should be avoided because they, in turn, dry out the mouth.

  • Limit Dairy products because they cause a lot of mucus production which helps the stones develop

  • Often use a tongue scraper to remove bacteria and other debris on your tongue


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